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Hey everyone,

I've been sitting dormant for awhile now and just this month a whole bunch of cool stuff started happening. I hope you find this useful. I've both started a new training blog for paintball snipers and my good friend and retired Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco, is launching his new book "The Intuitive Warrior". It's a unique application for our craft.

Check out this video about a new training site for paintball snipers called "Tactical Paintball Sniper" and a PRE-LAUNCH and FREE copy of the book "Intuitive Warrior" by
Navy SEAL Mike Jaco.

The offer is only open for a few days! I gotta pull it down before the book actually launches.

YouTube - Tactical Paintball Sniper Website Launch - Book Giveaway "Intuitive Warrior" by Michael Jaco

P.S. If you wouldn't mind, pass this video around like crazy! Tweet it, blog it, comment on it, rate it.

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