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New upgrade kit for Spyders..........

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XSF advantage who also make/making kits, chips, boards, ect for the DM4, Matrix, Bushmaster, Impulse, Intimidator have brought a sweet kit for Spyders priced at $125..............

- Unlimited rate of fire (limited only by the feed rate of your hopper)
- User Selectable Firing Modes (Semi-Auto, Full-Auto)
- Break Beam Eyes
- 50 gram Snap Switch
- Fully Adjustable Cycle Delay
- Fully Adjustable Solenoid Dwell
- Fully Adjustable Loader Delay
- On Board Tournament Lock
- Aluminum Eye Covers (available seperately for IS/T Board Owners)
- User program settings remain stored even with battery removed
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looks nice, but cant you get a t-board with the same features for around $60
Yea but its got dual break beam eyes with sweet aluminum covers and you know its quality. But I do agree that they should drop the price to around $100, and they would sell more that way.
They should of made it semi-only IMO. Only the most serious baller is going to buy it when its that expensive and most serious ballers shy away from full-auto.
Yea but its got a lock. This way the board appeals to both.
ohh, yea, it has a lock. It says right there on the
Damn right after I got my new marker...

Not quite as ugly in black as it is in blue. Trust me...
And yes it is effeicent.
80psi haha thats insane.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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