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Next open field day Morehead, KY-rock quarry- Jan 26th 2013

The January open play date will be on the 26th.

The field is ran by Full plastic jacket of Morehead. Full Plastic Jacket: A Scenario & OpFor Paintball Team

They are club not a business so the field is FREE! Bring your own paint, air, and equipment. They don't have any rental gear. They do sell paint and they have a limited amount of free HPA. They don't have any CO2 on site. There will be a group leaving from Strongs Gun Shop in Morehead at 10am before the game. You can buy air and paint there if you want but your not required to buy anything, you can bring air and paint from wherever you want.

Just spreading the word, its a great place to play and your getting a field type experience as cheap as possible. thumup:
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