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Need to sell before PSP chicago so I can buy my new gun!

Desktop Computer
20 gig Hardrive
RAM- 512 & 256 DDR
4 Driver Slots
2 Floppy Slots
Dvd Rom
CD burner 52x24x52
XFX GForce4 MX 4440-SE/Version-
XFX KT-400 ANB Mother Board
MOther board adn gCARD go great with eachother
Proccessor- AMD Athlon XP 2400 MhZ
Comes with all installation CD's
Windows XP Pro can be installed

Price: 400+ shipping
AIM: crittero101
Email: [email protected]

*Post here before you IM me

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Hey man,
I really doubt you would be able to help me out here, but i got this same exact case from a guy, but he didnt send the drives rails, keys, or, HDD Caddy.. any chance you would sell those parts out of it, or maybe just sell me the case.. or do u take any trades?

-Evil Juggalo

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