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So I'm selling my 360 on eBay w/ Halo3 and Guitar Hero 2. It was at like $350 when I get this email:

Hello Seller,

I saw your listing on here and am interested in the immediate purchase, I cant wait till the end of the bidding. Kindly let me know if you can end the bid and i will pay ($2000.00 USD) for the item and ($200.00 USD) for the shipment via (DHL) to my cousin address. Am making this purchase for my cousin so my mode of payment is via PayPal online payment.
To effect the payment I will need the following information from you:

Full Name:
Item Name:
Item Number:
PayPal E-mail:
shipping to Nigeria.

Kindly reply fast so that the payment will be made after the transaction
proceed. And for quick response you can mail me directly to my personal email address [email protected] or add me to MSN at [email protected]


- - - -

I saw this kind of scam on NBC once. I was like "$2,000...right". So I checked this users feedback. I wasn't surprised it was at -1 with 2 people saying that they gave them a fake PayPal email address and tried to rip them off. Ironically enough both of the auctions were 360 bundles like mine.

So when my auction was over, I was surprised to see it end at like $750 when it's only worth $500 brand new. And it was this damn person that won it!

So I get this next email:


Thanks for your mail....I will like to inform you that i will make the payment of the item as soon as possible ok..And you will get an confirmation mail from PayPal so as soon as you get the payment confirmation mail from PayPal i will like you to go and make the shipment of the item VIA DHL to my cousin address in Nigeria ....So here is the address below..

Olu Augustin
No 37 Iso-Pako Road Sango
Oyo State

So i will like you to go and make the shipment of the item as soon as you get an mail from PayPal and send the shipment Tracking Number to them for them to credit your money into your PayPal Account Ok...


- - -

AND this one:

So am going to add $200.00 USD to your money so your money will be $925.00 USD so i will like you to make the shipment of the item Via DH as soon as you get an confirmation mail from them because the $200USD is for the shipping cost of the item Via DHL ok...

- - -

Needless to say I emailed them saying **** off and I know what they're doing so I won't do business with them. They were going to either give a fake paypal address and hope I send out the stuff right away and take it, or, use an eCheck to pay and hope I mail it out as soon as I get an email letting me know they are paying, but before the check bounces.

Either way, it's a poorly executed scam.

So it's going to the 2nd place guy for $420.

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Anyone ever see the Dateline where they started up a discount electronics store? Somehow they ended up meeting the people in London eventually.

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I have this **** happen to me all the time and it really pisses me off. I would be furious if a scammer won the auction and wasted MY money for the listing fees.

This is why I say PAYPAL AND US ONLY in all my auctions. Haven't gotten an e-mail yet and if I do, I will be as rude as possible and clearly state my policy.
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