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It's time to move on from paintball for now, I need some cash for my car.

Background of the cocker:
What we have here is a CCM Series 5, built from the ground up. I started off with a 2k1 wgp cocker, and kept buying CCM parts for it. Eventually everything except the body was upgraded, then I bought this body. The body was made by the same place who made Series 5 bodies, but they were a short run for themselves. It is exactly the same as a Series 5 body but without the stupid rail on the top. :)

This marker will have gone through a full checkup by CCM before sending it out (they're local), and rip right out of the box.

Planet Eclipse E2 (1.10 software w/ ramping and all that good stuff)
PE Samurai 2 trigger (tuned to about 1mm pull - no bounce)
CCM Delrin bolt
CCM Delrin backblock
CCM Lever lock feedneck
FBM Delrin Trigger (Not Installed)
Stock Trigger (Not installed)

$500 + shipping

Guerrilla Air Assault 68/4500 w/ Redz black tank cover: $150
Halo B w/ white Hybrid shells, no rip drive: $125
and the cocker: $500

Package price: $700 + shipping

Here it is from a couple months ago, now it is complete.

(no longer has slik parts)
:::::::|Current PICS UP (late) TONIGHT|:::::::

I will accept Paypal (buyer pays fees) or MO's (wont ship until I recieve money order).

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