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$150 For the Tank brand new never used once

Ninja 68/4500 psi HPA Nitro paintball tank NEW
I purchased this on ebay brand new directly from Paintball Wizard I have decided to sell all of my paintball equipment that i purchased, I have never used any of it once all is brand new! Check my other auctions, if you want to purchase it all together contact me!

Ninja 68ci 4500psi Nitro Bottle

SRT piston –Sonic Recharge Technology piston – plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down
SPA – Shim Pressure Adjustment- change output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons
MFV – Mini Fill Valve – Non wrist digging, low profile design fill valve
All black tactical look
Brass or optional Aluminum bonnet - see regulator parts for details
Meets all DOT, CGA and ASTM specifications
Completely rebuildable by the end user
Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested
Super low response curve 0-50 psi from full to empty


ASTM COMPLIANT bonnet thread
ASTM COMPLIANT Low pressure burst disk
ASTM COMPLIANT Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove
Mini Fill Valve IS hardened, plated 5000 psi rated
Reg installed to ASTM specifications
68 cubic inch
4500 psi
D.O.T. approved Carbon fiber bottle
5 year hydro
10 ½ inches long x 4 ½ inches diameter - 1 3/8 inches bottle to ASA
Ultra light weight 2.5 pounds!!!!
Gives you 1200 shots per fill depending on marker


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Photos of the other stuff ? :confused: Not really in need of a HPA tank .

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Sure here is my listing

I am selling my Angel CnC Ir3 with a Ninja 68/4500 psi HPA Nitro paintball tank NEW and a New Empire Magna Thermal Paintball Loader Hopper Black

"Up for sale today is a used Angel CnC IR3 electropneumatic paintball marker in black made by Angel Paintball Sports, formerly WDP. I purchased this earlier this year and have played with it a fair amount as well as cleaned it up and tuned it. It shoots great - its accurate, and can consistently put out a high rate of fire. It is in very good condition, with simple wear from normal play - light swirls on the gloss finish, light nicks on the passenger side body, and light wear on the barrel tip. It also has a small blemish on the passenger side of the regulator / vertical ASA that is visible in the pictures. Other than that, this marker is in great condition, especially considering its age - no major gauges or scratches. It will come with a car charger in perfect condition and the non-functional COPS system that I removed from the body of the marker. This IR3 will come to you charged in perfect, working condition ready to play. I just cleaned and re-lubricated the whole thing with Hater Sauce V.2 and Hater Marmalade synthetic grease where appropriate and inspected orings - all orings are present and in good condition. Just keep in mind it may take some shooting for the marker to "break in" after the fresh cleaning - it might not show maximum consistency until you put a few hundred paintballs through it. Further details are below:

- Angel CnC IR3 paintball marker
- WGP gloss black on/off ASA, installed
- Newer (used) 6v battery installed - holds a charge well, will work for a few days of play before needing a recharge
- New macroline setup installed
- Joy Division 90* leopard print grips from an Angel G7 marker installed
- Silver MT buttons installed (buttons that go to electronic board)
- NDZ Volumizer installed
- Original barrel and feedneck
- Hand-polished trigger and trigger pin performed by me for smoother trigger pull
- Adjusted / tuned trigger performed by me - will come to you with a nice short trigger pull, but can be easily adjusted to your preferences.
- Polished internal valve body performed by me - increases efficiency
- Polished contact surfaces of hammer performed by me - increases efficiency, reduces marker 'kick' / recoil
- Properly set ram stroke and ram snap ring performed by me - ensures proper performance from marker
- Low pressure regulator pressure and dwell set to settings recommended by certified Angel techs - get the most out of the marker.
- FPS set to about 270-280, if I remember correctly.
- Removed COPS paint detection system - the COPS system was not functional so I pulled it from the marker. I will send it to you in case you have interest in reinstalling it (see plastic bag in pictures). The marker is working perfect without it, I just set the max rate of fire to match the hopper I used through the board to minimize any chance of a ball chop.

I do not have a manual for the marker, but you can print off the whole PDF file manual of it here:

Also, take note that this marker will work on not only low-pressure HPA tanks, but also high-pressure. Angel didn't make the switch to low-pressure until the A4, so no matter what kind of HPA / nitrogen / compressed air tank you have, chances are that it will work just fine with this marker. Keep in mind though, I tuned it using a high-pressure output tank, so if you use low pressure you will most likely need to adjust pressure through the marker's secondary vertical regulator - a simple screw on the outside of the regulator does the job.

This marker will be shipped within 2 days of completed payment via PayPal. It will be shipped using a USPS Priority Flat Rate box; Priority Mail is a 2-3 day shipping service so it could certainly reach you well before the holidays.

Before shipment, I will try to get one of my airtanks filled for a final test before it leaves my hands. However, if I can not, it should be fine - it worked perfectly last time I used it with no leaks, etc.

Just $200 for the Ir3 with SHIPPING

$150 For the Tank brand new never used once

$50 For the hopper Brand new still in box

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