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What do you guys think of this? Picked it up on Ebay for limited play (hey, I'm 40 w/ 2 kids) but was tired of the crap rental guns...

This is a true unique Tippmann A-5. The only thing stock on this gun is the Frame itself. Upgrades are;

• Brand New 14inch .92 silver/black Ultralite barrel (I've tried lots of barrels this is the best)
• Tippmann Low Pressure kit

• A.P.E. Rampage board

• TechT light double trigger

• Honed interior (less friction on the bolt to fire faster)
• Shocktech Superfly bolt
• Brand New TechT Hexagonal bolt (in packaging have not installed it)
• ShockTech silver drop-forward and On/Off valve

• Madz spring kit (to fire faster)

• Palmer Pursuit QEV (increase airflow to feed paintballs faster)
• Palmer Pursuit Secondary Regulator

• TechT QEPH (Quick Exhaust Piston Housing. increases feeding rate)
• TechT Lightening Rod (increase feeding rate)

• TechT Axel and Ratchet (Titanium cyclone feeder parts to decrease friction and increase feeding)
• TechT cyclone feeder
• Tippmann Hopper 215 capacity
• Barrel squeegee (although you wont need cause this gun doesn't chop unless cheap paint)
• Red dot laser

• Comes original stock parts and a Tippmann parts kit with replacement screws springs and ect.
• Original barrel also included and All the parts manuals, lubricant, and barrel plugs
• Also includes 72cubic inch 3000PSI Nitrous Tank.

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Where would you need the QEV?
On the Cyclone?

I have no idea. Seemed like a fair deal for a modified A5- $300 with all. I went and priced some new guns and although the A5 was heavy it also seemed like a tank. PO says it will fire 25 bps.
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