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Okay this gun has worked perfectly for me so the only reson im sellin it is because i got a new gun for my birthday
i no most ppl will see it nd leave but for thoses of u who want a gun that works great but for cheap then keep lokkin

the gun is an incredably uped spyder imagine
cp 14inch barrel
original 9inch kingman barrel
original blot
brass eagal pod pack
macro line
ACS derline bolt
custom drop forward
new high tention spring system
comes with rev (x-board)
nd nine oz tank
275 shipped for all or OFFER UP we can work it out
my pics r too bigg for the page so if u want to see it i will e-mail it

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CloudInsurance said:
u mean u sold it or it is 325 shipped ???? bc there is an edit button so u don't hve to make a double post thumup:

if i were u i would lower that price, that is WAY to expensive for an imagine even if it has some ups on it......

gl selling
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