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Giant Paintball Parks Presents:
A Bandit Splat Production of
Guerrilla Warfare
Story by Mic Chow

November 12-13, 2011

Giant Lakeside
1800 Wildcat Canyon Rd.
Lakeside, Ca 92040

The Story

Pablo Escobar, the crowned king of cocaine, was at the height of his power in 1987. It was estimated that he has a personal fortune of $25 billion before his death in 1993. He manufactured, distributed and sold cocaine from labs hidden all over the Colombian jungles. President Reagan declared the War on Drugs here in the United States and publicly pushed anti-drug campaigns. What has never been known to the public is the military campaign by the United States military against Escobar and his cartel. Come join in the epic battle between Escobar and his trained mercenaries verses a covert elite team of trained military operatives.

Players coming to play will immediately be immersed in the scenario.

Due to the nature of this event, there will be a maximum player limit.
There will be no one day play. Players must participate in both days!

$65 for the weekend only.
Includes: entry, air, camping and dinner on Saturday night.

This is a Bring Your Own Paint event, with paint available at the field.

The Schedule

There will be no overnight camping on Friday night.

Saturday - November 12
0700hrs - Check-In Begins
0800hrs - Chrono station open
0900hrs - Morning Briefing
1200hrs - Begin Day 1 Operations
1800hrs - End Day 1 Operations/Dinner Time
2030hrs - Chrono opens for night operations
2100hrs - Begin Night Operations
2300hrs - End Night Operations

Sunday - November 13
0900hrs - Begin Day 2 Operations
1200hrs - “Cease Fire” lunch
1300hrs - Operations resume
1400hrs - End Day 2 Operations
1430hrs - Final Battle
Raffle giveaways and awards ceremony immediately after the final battle.

Each side will consist of the following:
1 - General
1 - XO
5 - Captains (Squad Leaders)
45 - Infantry
5 - Heavy Gunners

* There will be 5 squads per side.
* Each squad will consist of 10 players and one Captain (Squad Leader)
* Each heavy gunner can use any marker and has no limitation on the amount of paint they can carry on the field.
* The remaining players can carry a max of 50 rounds in their hoppers and carry no more that 200 paintballs on the field.
* MagFed players are allowed 10 mags maximum (200 rounds)
* Each player will be actively checked for the correct limit on paint before entering the field.
* Teams of up to 11 can request a squad placement (10 players and 1 squad captain)
* Players that are not on a team or do not request a side or squad, will be placed in a squad until that squad fills up.

Go to Guerrilla Warfare to register today!​

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Here are the bios and information for the Generals of this event:

Bio for General of US Forces:

Clarence Alvey III

Clarence Alvey III, owner of AC Tactical, has been involved with Law Enforcement and Military tactical and interdiction training, since 1995. He started out as a simple volunteer scenario role-player for HSS International (now, during training exercises provided by HSS/H3. That relationship still exists to this day and is quite strong! He has been called upon to select, organize and train new role-players for various training exercises. In addition, he helps to develop a wide variety of scenarios for training. Mr. Alvey, has had the joy of working with countless men and women, from all over the United States, as well as around the world, sworn “to protect and serve” and “take the fight to the enemy.” We understand the demanding needs of those jobs.(**In full disclosure, Mr. Alvey wants to make it clear that he, unfortunately, never served in the military or law enforcement.)

Company profile:
From a unique decade long experience in Law Enforcement and Military Tactical and Interdiction Training, and experience in the use of the RAP4 Series of paintball markers for that training, it was decided to form a company that catered to the civilian Tactical Paintball industry.

AC Tactical Home Page

Bio for the General of the Druglords:

Caesar Aguilar

Captain Aguilar is the team leader for Tactical Team Savoy 6. His career in paintball began in May of 2004. However, this captain gives full credit to his team mates.

Savoy 6 was established in May of 2006. Consisting of the first 6 members of the team: C. Aguilar, S. Meda, J. Martinez, C. Alvarez, D. Risney and L. Joiner. All are former marines who needed something to do that was exciting, and physical that would allow them to utilize their U.S.M.C. skills and talents. Most importantly, paintball helped them cope with their new found civilian lifestyle. Since then, five of the original members have moved on and have established wonderful families and new careers. Savoy 6 remained and lived on through the last remaining original and founding member of the team who is now the team captain and operations commander.

The history of Tactical Team Savoy 6 may have began back in 2006, but it's the team members that are on the team presently who have managed to allow this team to thrive and succeed to what it is today.

The instructors in Savoy 6 are former Marines who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other members of the team have received degrees from favorable colleges and universities.

With all of that knowledge, experience, and wisdom gained, Savoy 6 formulated, calculated, and modified real life strategies and tactics to be used for scenario paintball.

Captain Aguilar truly understands the important qualities and virtues that meet the demands of being an outstanding leader. He also believes that every member of his team possess the qualities and virtues needed to remain the strong and honorable team that they have become today. HOORAH!!!

Home of Savoy 6

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Hey everyone I got some information on this event.

They are looking for experienced scenario players to help ref this event for the whole weekend. In return, those volunteers will get comp'd into any one (1) BSP Sports event within a year. The comp consists of full entry, air, camping and a case of BSP house paint.

As of today (09/17/2011) there are currently 12 spots left, please contact Ralph at [email protected] for more information.

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Due to circumstances beyond his control, Clarence Alvey III, was originally slated to be the General for the DEA forces. Tazz has agreed to and stepped up to take his place.

Bio for General of the DEA:

Ralph "Tazz" Gonzalez,

In 2007, Ralph Gonzalez started Bandits Splat Paintball when his two sons Josh and Vincent asked him to join them in a game of paintball. He immediately fell in love with the game. He enjoyed the time with his sons and the team camaraderie with the other players. After a few years of playing recreational paintball he decided to build his business on the premise of family fun first.

Ralph has built his paintball business on this well-established family foundation, in which his family is involved: his sons work in the store and his father helps referee games at all BSP Events.

Since then, for the last 4 yrs, Ralph has had a contract with the USAF ROTC Cadets to train Missions & Tactics for 4 months out of the year and has received recognition in the form of Letters of Recommendation along with Commander's Coins.

BSP Sports is known for setting up unique paintball events in which Ralph ensures you have a great time for the whole family, young or old. Bandits Splat Paintball also hosts events for local churches, schools, companies, families and Southern Ca. Teen Coalition.

At his store they have it all: from scenario to speedball to airsoft, from gear to markers to accessories.

"The Best feeling I have is when you see kid come out of the field and say with a smile, 'Dad did you see me get him?'" That to me is the best feeling!

Bandits Splat Paintball is located in Hacienda Heights, CA

Ralph Gonzalez
1012A Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, Ca. 91745
(626) 961-3333 store
(626) 931-9422 cell

In addition to the above announcement, the first post has been updated with the new weekend schedule and as of today (10/14/2011) there are currently 6 volunteer spots left, please contact Ralph at [email protected] for more information.

The registration website has also been updated in which you can choose which side you are on. Remember, there are a limited number of spots for this event, so pre-register today!

Guerilla Warfare Tickets

One more thing, BSP Sports has their own forum as a central information platform in which you can get updated information about the game, the rules specific to the game, who the Generals are, private team planning as well as place for some friendly smack talk. Head on over to Bandits Splat Paintball Forum - Index

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This is from Tazz of BSP Sports:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to low pre-registration numbers and inclement weather in Lakeside,
CA, BSP Sports has decided to cancel Operation Guerrilla Warfare at
Giant Paintball-Lakeside. All players who have pre-registered for
Guerrilla Warfare at the BSP Sports website will be refunded. We have
decided to concentrate our resources, creativity, and work to bring
quality games in 2012.

Be on the look out for us for the Mission Impossible series at
Hollywood Sports Park in 2012.

BSP Sports
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