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Because of my gun whore habits, i am putting this beautiful gloss red to black FS7 up and gorgeous bronze to black 2k2 Intimidator up. word on the street is the gloss styles for the FS7 are rarer to find versus the dust. Basically, these things are beasts.

-Gloss Red to Black FS7
-Gloss Black Planet Eclipse 14" .689 Shaft Barrel
-Gloss Black JDS LPR
-Gloss Black Macdev Gladiator
-Gloss Black and Green Unimount
-Nox Reloaded
-Bob Long Empire Skull Grip Panels
-$515 Shipped

-Gloss Bronze to Black 2k2 Intimidator
-Gloss Black CP 14" One Piece .689 Barrel
-Gloss Black LPR
-Chrome Hybrid Adjustable Ram Cap
-Frenzy 127.4 (Capped Semi, Uncapped Semi, 3 rd. burst, ramp, full auto)
-Shocktech Delrin Bolt
-Chrome Check-It Stick Trigger
-Black Torpedo Regulator
-Chrome ASA (not pictured)
-$365 Shipped
***CP direct mount can be substituted for the chrome asa for an extra $45, otherwise it's not included***

Now for the HOT pics!


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A-5 + CCI Phantom VSC w/ t stock

A-5 has freak barrel, 2 tips, 2 inserts, flatline barrel, double trigger

PM me if your interested...

I'm mainly interested in the TIMMY, If you dont include at least a tank then you'll have to add. I also would like to keep one freak tip and the the inserts... I could inlude the A-5 back and a blue 16' tip.
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