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West Coast Scenario Productions (Welcome to West Coast Scenario Productions) is gearing up for yet another 2 day paintball event with the follow up to last year’s Political Powers event, Political Powers II: Tyranny of the Masses!

This will be a 2 day scenario event that will feature mission orientated games that include day play both Saturday and Sunday as well as night play!

This year’s event will be held at Giant Paintball Parks in Lakeside, San Diego (Giant Paintball Parks) on October 14-16.

The Generals for this event will be Paul “Mage” Burke, captain of the Southwest Regulators (Southwest Regulators) and Josh “Yeti” Goedl of the Orange County Mobile Infantry (Team OCMI).

All current and prior military service members receive almost 50% off our regular price but you must register early and online! All other players that register online will receive $20 off the regular door price. Team pricing is also. Team organizers receive free entry and the rest of the team will get a discounted rate! The more players that register as a team the more you save. All early registration will close October 1st at midnight so don’t delay.

Producers of Scenario Paintball Events

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Welcome to West Coast Scenario Productions

The Story:

In Febuary of 2011 the United States was witness to the largest biological terror attack it had ever seen. This attack claimed the lives of millions, as well as the President and the majority of his successors, effectively shutting down the United States in one fell swoop. The country, in no shape to retaliate agaisnt this unseen foe, fell to pieces. Surviving members of congress and various political figures all laid claim to the presidency. With no contingency plans for an attack of this magnitude the people resorted to the only thing they now knew. They took up arms agaisnt one another.

It didn't take long for state lines to get redrawn and new political powers to rise up. Calling themselves the Allied States of America, this new imperialistic regime united most of the east coast under a new flag. Rumors had it that their leadership was entrenched in the fabled Skull and Crossbones Society, some even going so far as to suggest that they launched the attack on U.S. soil as a power play. Their leader, the elected "President" Gray, was all to eager to take up the job.

The A.S.A. was challanged from the west by The New California Republic, who moved quickly to ensure their continued way of life. Their beliefs were simple; a dedication to the old way of life no matter the cost. This was, of course, no longer possible but that didn't change the fact that people were more willing to die for it now than they ever were. Members of the N.C.R. have no support for President Gray, nor are they willing to let him keep that title.

Seeking to remove the threat in a single push, President Gray issued an ultimatium those refusing to side with the "Allied States." The terms were simple; any that refused to fly the flag of the A.S.A. would be treated as enemies of the state and dealt with accordingly. The N.C.R. stood ready to give their response...
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