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Torid X
-black to red fade
-LCD screen
-bounce beam eyes
-semi, full auto, burst
-rechargable battery
-custom made sythe style double trigger, is made of derlin and has 2 set screws, very easy to walk (stock trigger included)
-clamping feedneck
-stock barrel
-stock bolt
-stock reg (has some bad scratches on it but works great)
-has a small leak in the front block, just needs a new oring and the marker needs to be lubed and tightened.

M3 Barrel kit:
-spyder threaded
-3 backs, 2 fronts

if the offer is good enough i can add a steel hp worrgas 50/3000 tank

$300+paypal fees shipped for marker, barrel kit and tank

trades i am interested in:
-psp with games
-phantom (must be stock legal)
-other nice pump
-interesting markers
-ipod video
-digital video camera
-widescreen pc monitor atleast 20.1" and resultion of 1680x1050
-anything else you may want to offer the worst i can do is say no


-i do not ship first!
-if i say no it means no please don't harass me
-no returns
-i will not trade with out pics
-please post here before you contact me

how to contact me
aim: go ump your dog
yahoo: shiro12309
email: [email protected]
pm me (fastest way)
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