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I was around jo alls hood and thought I’de drop by and see who’s been naughty and nice.
There are a few rules for this thread.
1. You can’t sit on my mother ****ing lap.
2. You can’t **** mrs clause(she’s mine)
3. Refer to rule 1

Now for the list.


1. tippyfronter-just cause I heard he’s kewl+he’s my wingman
2.5 DILLHILL-OMFG i can't believe i forgot yuou
2. Phuckerd up-cause he’s kewl
3. med-cause he’s a mod
4. coolhipjippyjim-his avatar is just so sexy
5. wooddawg-cause it makes me think of hot dogs
6. headley
7. BZ
8. pbremix
9. smitty,kat
10. Screwedupmonkey
11. noobie paintball
12. snowpirnaha
13. huey-even though your jewish
14. slip
15. kyle
16. dooms
17. fiki
18. paintballs
19. bunkertime
20. chrome
21. smalls
22. 1337baller
23. nyy-even though he’s like 9
24. mp11
19.COCKERGUY4life-now with a suck ass name. (Christian)
20. Prophet
21. Any other half way kewl people that aren’t banned.


1. Bubbasr.-because he banned the coolest person on pbf(acrocker)
2. Themaillman
3. fastecho-you just suck
4. ahmadi-same as fasttecho

5. Anyother people that suck and I hate. (you know who you sluts are)

For all you stupid ****ing non-believers SANTA is real. And if you don’t shape the hell up I’m not gonna give you any ****ing presents.

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1 - 20 of 105 Posts
Not open for further replies.