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This is a message to all those Oklahoma DDay players out there undecided on what unit to choose. The 1058.MEK is a unique unit that will be part of the German Special Operations Forces for the first time at DDay2008.

The most impressive, talented, and hard-charging collection of die-hard scenario warriors in the world can be found in the German Special Operations Command (GSOC). GSOC draws on the combined skill-sets of not only vast scenario paintball experience but real-world experience as well to field the most formidable force of elite scenario players the world has ever seen.

1058th MEK

The 1058th Marine-EinsatzKommando - An Oklahoma D-Day German Special Operations unit that traces its concept and origins back to the naval special warfare experts and frogmen commandos of The Kriegsmarine. New to D-Day for 2008, the MEK is poised to make its mark on D-Day history and is calling hard-core operators to join its ranks. Like all German Special Operations Units, the mission of the MEK is largely classified, but part of this new units duties will be to respond to Allied threats on the field as a German Force Multiplier. Players of the MEK can expect to be thrown over and over again into the most fierce battles of the entire game. When the call goes out, expect the MEK to lead the way.

Getting in on the ground floor of this unit will allow you to be one of the elite members of a group of Marines. You'll play alongside other like-minded individuals who are all go, no stop, non-complaining winners! There'll be no whining about the harsh conditions here! Just hard chargers who are ready to do what it takes to take it to the Allies.

Be aware also that the MEK has a unique mission: FORCE INTERDICTION. The Marines of the MEK will be trained to use real world tactics and become force multipliers to a man. Make no mistake, this is training you can't get anywhere else.

So, if you feel you have the intestinal fortitude, sign up now as space is limited and closing fast.

Oberstleutnant zur See, 1058.MEK
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