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Discussion Starter #1 we had this assignment a while back at the start of the school year and our teacher told us to write a skit and so me and my group (who happened to also play paintball) came up with this:

Characters: Rylan, Jude, Deen, and Anouncer

Jude: So What's Up?
Deen: Nothing much, hanging out, having a bud...
(Awkward Silence)
Deen: Just Kidding.
Jude: I wonder when Rylan's coming.
Deen: Hopefully soon.
Jude: Oh ther he is!
Deen: Where?!?!
Jude: In the sky!
Deen: Yah whatever, he's right over there
Rylan: Hey Guys!
Deen: You know what Rylan?
Rylan: what?
Deen Gaypeoplesaywhat?
Rylan What?!
Jude: (giggles)...Gaypeoplesaywhat?!
Rylan: What?!
Deen: Haha! Nevermind...So whan are we gonna do this?
Jude: Do What?
Rylan: You know...
Jude: Know what?
Deen: We're gonna play paintball!
Jude: Ohhhh!...I knew that!
Rylan: Gosh! Someone's a little slow!
Jude: At least I don't play paintball like a girl.
Rylan: Um...You're mistaking me for Deen.
Deen: Hey!! I heard that!
Rylan: Nevermind, let's get back to paintball.
Jude: Ok.
Deen: So who are we gonna challenge first?
Jude: Arsenal, then Dynasty, then Infamous, then Naughty Dogs
Rylan: Man, those teams are so easy, we are totally gonne kick their butts.
Deen: Oh no! We also have to challenge Gout!
Jude: Dude!
Rylan: Man they are gonna school!
Deen: Oh look, its WMD.
Jude: You mean Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Rylan: Yes...Yes it is
Deen: Well, anyways, are all your equipment ready?
Jude: I'm Ready.
Deen: Hey...It's Ollie Lang
Jude: Oh my God...He looks so hot in the uni....I mean yah he's awesome
Rylan: Ooooo k.....
Deen: Yah...we definitely need to watch out for Jude
Voice: Spyders and Arsenal on the field
Jude: Ok here we go
Deen: Hurry up guys let's go
Rylan: I got the standup
Deen: I got Taco
Jude: No, I got it!
Deen: Aww, no you di'int!
Jude: Ok whatever...I'll hit snake
Voice: Game on in 3...2...1...10 Seconds!
Rylan: Get ready guys
(10 seconds pause)
Voice: GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!
(sounds of gun fire)
Voice: Game Over!
Jude: Dang, that was fast!
Deen: Who won?
Rylan: I think we did
Voice: Arsenal is disqualified for illegal ramping
Deen: Awesome! A win for us!
Jude: Woah check out our table
Rylan: Holy crap! brand new dm5's, shocker's, and ego's
Jude: So what are we gonna do with the guns?
Rylan: Shoot 'em.
Jude: Really?
Deen: No we're gonna sell it on Ebay :dodgy:
Jude: Well, I wanna take it off some sweet jumps
Deen: This isn't Napolean Dynamite, Jude.
Jude: I just wanted to bring some humor.


yah so tell me what you think
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