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Okay Boys Move it on over, plz for the old dog to have a little room. I want to share this resurrected Bad Boy from the past 1984 to be exact A lot of old and a little new ? Being from the South and from the East Coast These old Sckool pumps like this are as rare as hens teeth !

  1. 1984 Piranha - II Long Barrel.
  2. Long Beard from MCB Tweaked valve.
  3. Trigger Spring Tuned to perfection.
  4. Speed Demon Bolt with bushing removed for smooth stroke.
  5. Palmers Pursuit Shop Rear Velocity Adjustor.
  6. Brassed out.
  7. Everything you see and everything you don't see polished to the max.
  8. Home Grown Ball Detents with a couple of drops of Super Glue.
  9. 17/3000 HPa Ninja Tank & Butt Stock.
  10. Rocket Pocket 50 Round Hopper.
  11. Wooden Custom Grips.
  12. Muzzel Brake
You got a 26 year old paintball marker that was state of the art when it was produced in 1984 probably before some of you reading this were even born; brought back to life in the year 2009; to produce head shots at 75' and only use a bag of paint a day.

I had a Carter Buzzard but being a Tippmann fanatic I could not see all that $$$ ($550.00) in a hand made pump that had no personality ! Even though I am 50 years old; a Buzzard is state of the art and everybody and his brother had a converted Dye or Cocker Pump, not to mention all the Phantom freaks out there. I would however like to own a LAPCO Gray Ghost. With this you got a real home grown piece of brass that the shooter and the way he builds it shows personality and requires becoming one with the marker !​


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Thanks man I gats an Electro to use when I have to

Just a mid priced gas hog 08 Proto PMR

  • [*]Metal Cap in back !
    [*]Custom Products Roller Trigger !
    [*]Custom Products Clamping Feed Neck !
    [*]Custom Products On/Off !
    [*]Eyes went out 1st month & quicker to get Virtue pimp Blue eyes, than to wait on !
    [*]Old Sckool T - Stock for the old man in me ?
    I took it off already ! It got in the way ! I ain't that old !
    [*]REAL Lucky Barrel 14" amazing keep clean and it shoots ropes !
    [*]Revy with Swiss Cheeze treatment !
    [*]( Why not ) ? Light weight and I capped mine at 9bps !
    [*]32* Drop Forward ( Tuff & Strong ) !
    [*]Got to be to carry 88/4500 tank
    [*]This will shoot 1200 balls per tank fill​


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