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when you are buying a marker out of your own pocket... you do get really cheap...

sigh, so ive decided to buy PMR rather than something better i suppose. =p

geez! where to start...

I will eventually get new back cap, neck clamp and on/off ASA depending on how i feel after using it.

But it is not so easy to find someone with UL frame around me in Toronto.

Since i wont be going into tournaments and all, i dont see any good reasons to get UL frame other then better trigger, much better grip... and removing most of plastic parts on my gun.

What are the better options for me to get better trigger, getting ride of most of the plastic parts on the frame and other possible upgrades. any recommandation?

i did look at

New Designz Pro-Lite Frame (which could give me some trouble fitting the buttons)
thought of getting just the new trigger(UL trigger) with Dye UL sticky Grips

but... gezz any personal thoughts?

Thanks guys
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