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I am seeing way to many ebay links lately. here is a snipit from the forum rules incase its too tiring to read the whole page....

cobra said:
Please do not post links for online paintball equipment retailers other then, as this forum is owned and operated by This includes e-bay auction links. Links to articles and other information related items (such as manufacturer’s announcements and technical specifications) are permissible.
I know we have a few new members and I would like to first say welcome!
Now that we are friends... Go read the FREAKIN RULES!!!

This forum is sponsored by an "e-talor" Do not link to other sites. Simple eh?
If this makes no sences, then just don't do it because you will be banned.

If you see a post about someone looking for something cheap and feel that you must send them a link to another site, then send it in a PM. Do not spam the forum.

And the next B/S/T spam I see is also getting reported.

I am a nice guy and more than willing to help answer as many questions as I can. But there are some basic guidlines that everyone should be aware of that are being ignored. [/rant]
Now, lets get back to making our cockers better/faster/lighter than all those other markers out there.
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