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August 13, 2011
Game Briefing at 10 am
Game On at 10:30 am
Registration Fee $30 (no preregistration)
Includes all day CO2 or air
Paint available at the field​

It is August 11, 1945, two days following the last of two atomic strikes against Japan. Japan's leaders have been talking about an unconditional surrender after these defeats – until now. There was a 3rd undetonated atomic bomb, “Two Ton Tessie.” It was dropped over the city of Kokura, but it never detonated.

A small unit of US Marines has been deployed to Kokura to reclaim ”Two Ton Tessie” before the Japanese forces can obtain the core and its technology and seek revenge on American soil and its troops.

In this scenario event hosted by Full Plastic Jacket you will have the ability to alter the course of history or keep it on track!

This field is conveniently located within a 2 hour drive of many cities in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana & West Virginia!

Game Flyer

Please direct questions to Full Plastic Jacket
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