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Will it be your team to Restore Somalia

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List of Authorized Fields: If you do not see a field near you request a field at the Field Request forum no need to register with the forum but we do urge you to register your team because field owner tend to respond quick when they see teams requesting them

A Quick Briefing About the League
The CORPS are for those who appreciate well written scenario games and enjoy a little friendly head to head competition. To briefly describe the league: "We are a scenario based Sports League, not a Tournament League". The CORPS is identical to the “Big Games” you currently like so much, but with several differences. In the CORPS, unlike the Big Games, you get to play both sides of the storyline. You will experience both roles, the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. And the best part about it is that you’re in control of the outcome. Here no one leads or orders your team around, you choose which missions you want to battle in, which objectives you want to complete! Another great innovation created by the CORPS Is that it can rank teams locally, regionally, and nationally for a chance to compete in the National Championships. Also with the exclusive patent pending ArmBand Scoring System you can track your personal stats and receive recognition and achievement awards based on your personal performance.

Now that you understand the basics of the league... “Will it be your team restoring stability in Somalia or will it be another woodsball team? Good Luck! See you on the battlefield!

The CORPS games are addictive. So, if you and your team only like to play capture the flag against walk-ons then don't try our games. Because once you play CORPS way, you’ll never go back!

Remember there is NO COST TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM, NO TEAM REGISTRATION FEE to play in any of the CORPS regular Season Games.
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