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Hey guys..saw this and decided to post if anyone is interested. I went to the first one and it was pretty cool.

8 hour scenario.

NY vs Southern New England
It'll be like the NY vs Boston rivalry :devil:

Saturday, May 14th 2005
LOCATION: Strategy Plus - East Hampton, CT

Our second scenario event of the year will be a North American Scenario Paintball League (NASPBL) game. The NASPBL will be handling all aspects of the story line and scenario play.

All players are welcome. Registration for the general public is being done through the NASPBL website, not Strategy Plus. You do not have to sign up for the NASPBL to play this game.

Registration costs $45.00 (+ tax if in PA) per player, per game if you pre-register and pay prior to the event day (deadline is May 7th so hurry), or $55.00 if you register and pay at the field on the event day. By registering now you get to select the team you wish to play on and pick up to three squads you or your group (team) would like to be placed within.
Register Here

POHIBITED: Markers exceeding 280 f.p.s., knives, firearms, drugs, alcohol,. Its a FPO event only, $75 per case.

10:00 am - Game Start

Check out the site and scoring structure to see how in depth this scenario will be. Each team has room for 125 players with roles including assault teams, medics, engineers.
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