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I should start off with saying that We/I are newbies to paintball, myself having only previously played in the mid 1990's for roughly a 9 month stint. We play for exercise, fun and good times. We enjoy a fair game and are not ultra-competitive. I had purchased a marker (spyder MR4) online before we headed to any paintball field. I felt comfortable enough to spend less than $200 on a complete package based on my previous, although limited experience with paintball.
Having searched the internet for paintball fields in the Orlando area (as well as most of central Florida), my wife and I decided to first try Orlando paintball as our first field to venture into the sport of paintball.

The field(s) reviewed

Orlando paintball has many different types of fields of play, including 2 indoor fields (which with the near daily regular afternoon storms in Florida kept us from being drenched). The outdoor fields had both speedball type of arenas as well as some woodball type of fields. The indoor fields had a good amount of coverage/bunkers (not the shorter inflatable type) for the players (including taller bunkers for those who are taller than the inflatables seem to cover, which is about 5') so there is an option for less bending and less strain on taller/older peoples backs and joints. The indoor fields also have a good sized 2nd level which can be utilized in playing. I do point out that the upstairs is rather gooey and a bit slippery (from all the busted paint) but it was not seen as a hazard to me, but more of an annoyance for when your trying to maneuver and you slip a bit farther than you wanted to or similar. The single negative thing that I encountered with regards to the upstairs indoor fields is that the field has taken a a step to reduce the slippery/gooey upstairs and installed some mats, but my issue with the mats are that they are square mats with large square holes in them (about 2-3") and my (a players knee's) sure do like to find those holes and it is more than a bit uncomfortable to have your knee's in those holes when your are trying to concentrate on playing the game. An easy fix is to have knee pads, which I highly recommend if you are going to be playing here in the indoor fields.

The outdoor fields in detail - (we did not play on all of the available fields - due to afternoon downpour).
The two speed ball types of fields we did play on, were your typical speedball types of fields. They had the normal inflatable bunkers (vastly around 5' and under, but two or so of the taller standing inflatables).

Field personnel

After completing the checking in, we were assigned to a "host" who also serves as the referee. At first we were the only two players at the park (we got there right at the opening time of noon). Our host was great and we cannot say enough good things about him. Only my horrible memory of names prevents me from specifying his name in praise. Our host had an inviting type of personality, realizing that both of us were newbies, he was open for a thousand questions and free flowing with advice that helped us have an enjoyable visit.
As new players would come in, the host/ref would then make new teams according to the number of players. We found that our host would always take into consideration the following; the number of players available, the types of markers the players had (full auto, electric, semi-auto, ect), and the players experience (if know it was easy for him, if not know after a 10 minute game he knew quickly the players experience level).

Check-in/proshop staff

We encountered no problems or attitudes with any of the staff during our visit. The check-in staff helped us with all the waiver forms, explained all the costs for things and answered any questions we had prior to accepting our money. The pro-shop dealt us the same experience, anytime we needed an airfill, they quickly helped us out. They have Co2 and HPA available at this field/location


The field admission was $10.95 for each of us. They have an all day air option for $9.95 which we took advantage of. This is generally a field paint only field. There are two options when it comes to buying the field paint; the first option is to buy paint by the case (a case is $69 but it is premium paint and after going through over 1,000 balls I had only one break in my MR4). The premium paint is G. I Sportz and is custom made for Orlando Paintball (at least that is my impression as the Orlando Paintball logo is all over the box). If you buy a case of paint, you can take any leftovers and bring them back for use during any later visits. Bags of balls are also available in 500 1,000.
So yes paint here is on the expensive side for a field, but paintball is not the cheapest sport to play. The 2nd option is an option that allows players to BYOP, but to me the conditions are to complicated and the fee's for doing such as just not worth it to utilize. I will go out on a limb here and say that a professional player who has their gun tuned to a specific paintball might find it in their best interests to play with one single brand of paint, but imo 90% of the players that go to this field will be fine with using the premium fields paint.

Rentals - The markers rented at this field range from older semi-auto mechanical markers to semi-auto electronic to electronic with high feed hoppers. The prices range from $25.95 to $49.95 depending on the marker package chosen. Rental packages also include the price of field admission, free all day air and 100-200 balls. The only negative thing we could say about the rentals is that the safety masks are worn and as such the lenses both easily fog and are not very clear (scratches, ect). I would recommend that anyone who is not just out for single once in a lifetime visit to invest the $30-$50 for a good mask and bring it with you to use. Your visit and time spent playing will be much better enjoyed when you can see things clearly.

The field does have specials during most days, so I often check their website (ORLANDO PAINTBALL to see if there is a special running that makes economical sense for me to utilize before making plans for playing on a certain day.

Their phone number is 407-294-0694
Their hours are 7 days a week 12 noon til 12 midnight with after hours (12 midnight to 6am) available on Friday and Saturday nights
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