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We all should keep each other informed on tounreys around pa. My team is willin to travel, and if it's in pa, the farthest drive is like 8hrs., and that's from corner to corner so..

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PaintballerTI thanks for posting for us, we appreciate it.

Yeah, check out our place Stonemak Paintball:

July 3: 3-Man (Rookie and Novice) Tournament for Trophies and Prizes
July 10: come see Rocky Cagnoni and join in the Paintball eating contest and
Top Gun tournament (one v one)
Aug 1: 5-Man (Rookie and Novice) Tournament
Aug 7: National Paintball and Rusty from Miami Effect (now Infamous) will be
visiting well as another Top Gun Tourney.

We also have a 3 man league starting July 17.
All of these events are posted on our forum on our website...check it out.

If you have any other questions please do not be afraid to ask.

Stonemak Paintball
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