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I recently purchased a box of items from a paintball shop that was closing down and am looking to sell some items. All the items are in new condition. The barrels appear to have been put on a marker (small rub marks) but do not appear like they have been used. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please email me at [email protected] if interested in anything or if you have questions, I check there frequently.

Pictures are available at the following website:

Barrels: All the barrels are Evil Pipe Backs
$18 shipped- Shocker thread ID .692 (2 available)
$18 shipped- Impulse thread ID .692
$20 shipped- Spyder thread ID .695

New Designz Feednecks
$18 Shipped- Blue New Designz Matrix Low Rise Feedneck for Halo loaders
$18 shipped- Silver New Designz Matrix Low Rise Feedneck for Halo

Smart Parts Feednecks
$18 Shipped- Dusted Red Smart Parts Twisted Feedneck Low Rise
$18 Shipped- Green Smart Parts Twisted Feedneck Low Rise
$18 Shipped- Dusted Silver Smart Parts Twisted Feedneck Low Rise

Other Feednecks
$12 Shipped Diablo Red Vertical Vise Feedneck. NOTE: Says on package it fits all Diablo Mongoose Model Markers.
$12 Shipped- Blue Psychoballistics Vert. Vise Feedneck. Note: Package says for Silver Bullet (All Models)
$10 shipped- Custom Products High Rise Feedneck. NOTE: It does not say what it is for but it appears to have the same threads as the Smart Parts Feednecks.

If more than 1 item is bought together I will lower the price since shipping will be less. Also, please feel free to send offers to my email. I accept payment through paypal and money orders.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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