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Here we have paintball equipment for sale below is a list, there are extras not listed, asking price is $4,000 this is a fantastic deal and the first person with cash gets it all.

K-Pro Paintball netting 16ft high x 1200ft long +

CO2 fill station

Rental guns-26 all are Tippmann either 98s, A5s or BT-4

Rental Guns Ready to repair-approx 30 also all Tippmann

Spare Parts and Replacement parts for various guns

Residual Inventory-Paintballs etc.

Chronographs-3(Big Reds)

CO2 tanks for guns-42 in working Order

CO2 tanks in need of repair-approx 30

Masks-45 ready to use

Masks in need of repair-approx 40

To take advantage of this incredible deal call Anthony at 970-381-8188 or 970-395-0664 or email us at [email protected]
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