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I got alot of these so I am trying to move a few and share these really cool emblems with you guys. I am also looking for some trades I need a new or used jersey - speedfeed for roter (exhault,virtue crown)

Hey guys today I have these really cool paintball emblems for your car, truck, or anywhere you want to put it.

Made from Strong ABS plastic with thick chrome plating (same as most stock car emblems used by major manufacturers)

Easy "Peel-and-Stick" installation to almost any clean, flat surface
price - $8.00
Send payments to: (paypal) [email protected] this will cover all shipping charges as well

please leave your MCB user name in notes on paypal
Feel free to PM me or post any questions you may have regarding these really cool emblems

By braximus at 2010-05-14

By mikebrax at 2010-05-27

By mikebrax at 2010-05-27

By braximus at 2010-05-13
Sorry my truck is dirty will get better pics this weekend​
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