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ok, i have some paintball guns and gear that need to go becuase im going to college and need money and dont paintball anymore, im willing to drive as long as you are willing to meet half way, i perfer face to face rather than shipping but anyway this is all that i have...

1) I beleive its called an ion? im not really sure..but its red and black, only been shot to test it never actual played with it, good condition but some paint missing around the hopper feed but thats it im asking about 200 for it or best offer.
2) I have an eclipseblade that is blue and black, it also has some minor knicks but nothing major, also never been played with only shot to see if it works. im asking about 250 or best offer.
Both of the guns I think had a minor leak in the line from the tank to gun but im not sure if they have been fixed. I have fired them both and they work.

As far as gear goes...
1) 1 tank and pod belt...holds 4 pods and one tank..25$
2) 2 regular hoppers 5 bucks each...1 electric hopper FORCE brand 20 bucks
3) 4 pods 5 bucks each
4) 1 carbon fiber nitrogen tank ( i think) 30 bucks and 1 24oz co2 tank 10 bucks
5) and i have some paintballs about three bags..i think they each hold 500...15 bucks a bag

If you are interested im pretty flexable and will work with you to figure out a good price, i wont be offended if you think my prices are wrong, my email is [email protected]. :)
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