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Paintball in the newspaper today

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There was actually a good article on paintball in the newspaper today. AZ has a lot of liberal asshats who are against paintball, so this is pretty good.

If you need a bigger one because this one is a little hard to read, click here: article.jpg

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it is one of the safest sports right now :D
Its the players responsibility to make sure everything is safe and that newbies know how to play safe. If theyre trying to kill paintball then something mustve happened. If its continuous and big then they will probably vote it out, if its just suddenly they will probably make a new rule.
yah, finally people are realizing it';s safe... and the press too! I hate American press... they're always so negative! well cept here, good job mr.writer lol.
Hmmmmmm, i am not going to replace my lens every time i get a direct hit on them(i would if they were cracked).
yeah, a while back paintball was on tv over here. but is wasn't for praise. it was saying how dangerous it was, because some dickass parent let there kid run around in a paintball field, the kid got shot and died.
but it's good that in some places paintball is accepted as a safe sport
Bahaha always wear your helmet when paintballing kids! It says so in the safety tips!

I wear goggles when I play....but I've never seen anyone with a helmet...well..besides that Elite Headshield thing
/\/\ lol i have one of those...... i use it for a place to pin some of my camo strands for my suit. also it hurts alot less then hiting ur head. plus its the most comfitable thing i have ever used. course i use my java thermal now. good artical, maybe if something like that was put in the post it would get around better (hint)
they are comfy for like 20dollar make i agree. but i love my dye masks and profiler soon
thats pretty cool, there was one in one of the local papers here tooo about 3 months ago, it was a positive one too and it coverd a tourney
paintball + media + positive image = oxymoron...cept till now. Very suprising.

Paintball is safer than golf and bowling and such. heehee
Kyle Odegard > *

'Twas in my paper a little while ago too.

I was actually there the day they were doing it, but the photographer was hanging in the back, and didn't get a pic of me, I don't think.

(Yes, I know 250 fps is slow)
we had a 4 page article in MN ;)
Our town did one, and i was in it. If i can find it ill post it on here. They just came to the feild and started interveiwing us it was pretty great.
a while back the san diego union tribune did an very nice (and quite lengthy) article on DYNASTY!!!!! ill try to see if my friend will let me borrow it so i can scan it for u guys
¤COLD¤ said:
it is one of the safest sports right now :D
SPORT Yearly injuries per 1000 Participants

Water Skiing 260.84
Lacrosse 223.79
Wrestling 36.46
Rugby 31.21
Football 30.17
Baseball 28.42
Hockey 21.92
Basketball 19.76
Soccer 12.59
Boxing 11.34
Bicycle Riding 11.71
Gymnastics 10.49
Volleyball 4.03
Ice Skating 3.83
Snowmobiling 3.52
Snow Skiing 2.99
Racquetball 2.77
Tennis 2.77
Handball 1.92
Fishing 1.43
Swimming 1.34
Golf 1.22
Archery 0.85
Boating 0.75
Bowling 0.47
Paintball 0.24
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^even tho ive seen that a million times, i still find it hilarious bowling causes more injuries.

how do u hurt urself in golf
I've never seen anyone get hurt while bowling but I rarely bowl so ya never know.

I've seen people trip while golfing but nothing big. I've only went golfing once so again, ya never know.
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