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my friend and i are getting out of paintball and into airsoft, so here is our stuff

3 jerseys

1 compressed air tank, nitro duck

2 revys

32 degrees drop

jt flex 7 purple with black lenses

2 guns

20 oz tank


(pictures on request)
tippman 98,
this gun has been redone in chrome red, it has had two trigger jobs and is much faster then normal tipps, it includes a 14'' dye ultralite a red and black revy double trigg, chrome drop and silver drop, each one a different length for you people who like to play the fronts, down and dirty int he snake or for you who prefer sending a truckload of paint from the back. the gun as well has a chrome forgrip.

(pictures on request)
this gun RIPSSSSS!!! i didnt believe my freind and thought he was stupid for buying a viewloader gun. but oh my god this thing puts the longest rope of paint out i have ever seen. semi auto it easily shoots 15 balls a seconds. breakage you may ask?? maybe one ball out of every three cases no ****!!!
it has a dye ultralite 14 inch on it and includes a blue revy (i suggest buying a halo though) the gun is like a gatling gun, the trigger can be walked as easily as the trigger on a timmy or impy.

so if you are interested we are asking about 300, or we will trade straight up for 2 fully auto airsoft RIFLES, no pistols. thxs,thxs,thxs. [email protected] or call me at 509-892-4083
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