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Alright well im done with the sport so im putting all my stuff up for sale. All this stuff has been handled with care and cleaned after everyday at the field.
Do not post unless u are intended on buying.
Post here before pm'ing me or you will be ignored.

Un-used Red proto gloves-$15 Shipped
Un-used Olive proto Gloves-$20 Shipped
4 Fat Boy Pods-2$each
Nxe 5 Pack-$25 Shipped
Mirrored Lense Red Profiler- Sold
Red Proto Jersey-$20 Shipped
72/4500 Pmi Stubby Tank w/ Redz cover and nipple cover- $140 Shipped
Huge Body Bags Gearbag- $60 Shipped
New Red Dye Barrel Condom- $8 Shipped

I received this as a present for graduation and i no longer play video games so im putting it up for sale. Anyway here's what i have.

Xbox 360 Console
Hard drive
Games include
Madden 08
March Madness 08
Nba Live 07
Halo 3
Includes 2 controllers and a Extra Plug in Mic
Price-425 Shipped With 3 Games
500 Shipped For Everything

Fujifilm Finepix 12.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

200 shipped
I have a barely used xbox 360 mic that im putting up for sale because i no longer use it, it's been used maybe 3-4 times. Always Handeled with Cared and never overcharged.

Price-45 Shipped Paypal Preferred
Black Ipod
Blue Cushion Ear Buds {Provide Awesome Sound!}
Usb Cord
Box and Everything it came With!
I Accept Paypal only
Price-50 Shipped

Viza Viper standard 33cc 1.7 hp motor
HP (High Performance) Pipe/Exhaust Kit
HP Carburetor
HP Air Filter
HP Sprinter Sprocket
Blue Upgraded Handle Bar Grips
Also one one the right Mosquito Dx26 needs new Pull start You can get for about $20 selling for $125 Shipped
Price: 200 Shipped Including Paypal Fees

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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