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Hello everybody,

How is life treating you all? Good I hope at least from the point that our lives on the internet (At least for me) has been changed since now I can't hang out on paintballforum and check out all the different thread columns. Anyway, now that we're all couped up together in a one area mainly you'll all have to get to know me and see what I'm doing this upcoming Saturday. Yeah... So... Let me start this.

Ok, on Saturday I'm getting all my c02 tanks filled up and when I say all I mean four. 2 twenty ounces and two nine ounces. For some reason my friends think that is really something. Anyway I'm also renting out another marker to a good friend of mine and my other marker which is an orion has nobody renting it out yet. This kid I know named Jake wants to rent it but I don't like him. The reason why is because this lil' son of a cat went and told his mom that me and my friend broke their wheelchair outside their house. Dangit, I wasn't even there when they broke it! For gosh sakes I don't even know that they had a wheel chair till the time he told me. (Which was about three weeks ago) Then this lil' sucker goes and says that he'll let me ride with him to drop me off home. So when the time comes for him to let me ride with the lil' sucker he tells us.
"Oh get away you little dogs!" I'm so mad I want to punch this kid in the face.
So now he comes up to me and asks me.
"Hey Juan," (Thats just my nickname) "Can I use your Orion when I play at Steve's this weekend."
"Heck no." I reply.
"Why not?"
I explain why.
"I didn't do that to you!" He replies.
I just walk away.
So anyway later he tells me another kid is going to let him rent a VL Triad from him. So I'm like.
"Jake, when we play I want you on the other team. I want to make sure I hit you on the side of your fat butt that sticks out like a stinkin' rear end of a truck."
He's lookin' at me all stupid. As usual...

Anyway my friend PJ is coming and we're all ready to go. My third marker is my favorite: Spyder Sonix Special Addition. Jake also asked me for this. I quickly hit him upside the head and said no.

Who thinks jake needs to lose weight? I do!
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