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I have my old cell phone fo sale. It has a bunch of stickers on it, adn it is quite worn. I'm missing a cover for the PC port on it, and the headphones cover is kinda dirty. Its beat up.

It retails new for about $300 (but you never pay that, you usually buy it with the plan for around 40.

ITs a great phone, teh screen works fine for me. Its just a bit scratched on the outside. It taks a charge nicely, clals nicely, works nicely.

This is an ATT phone, and will work with an ATT SIM card. However, there are ways to unlock it for any sim card.

Ill let it go for $30. Why am I selling it even cheaper then the stores? Well first its used. But I have no use for it anymore since I changed providers.

I remember what it was like to beg my parents to let me get a cell. I was about to get my own prepaid one when they finally gave and got me one.

All you really need to do is get a prepaid sim card (Virgin mobile, etc. You can buy the sim card in minute incriments). I believe I have some ring tones saved on there. I know I have smells like teen spirit, highway to hell, and people 3 or 4 others. I have the SWAT theme song too.

$30 OBO.

Also for sale is the digicam used to take these pics.

Pics up soon. It appears Google is down so I cant get my activation link for imageshack, which means I cant upload or post the pics.

ITs a Samsung x426. Google it.
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