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Both guns are still for sale/trade, but i will part out like stated in the title.


-Exile body with Rouges Adjustable feedneck
-Standard E-mag valve
-lvl10 tuned
-Very Good condition, only one nick from previous owner on battery pack
-Lowers come with car charger

Classic Mag

-E-mag centerfeed body
-classic valve
-polished classic rail
-Vertical Adapter for front grip
-Classic triggerframe
-Random velocity adster
-I have recently rebuilt this and made sure its in perfect working order.

I have used KC oil on all of these, and taken very good care of them.

Other Stuff-----------

i also have some barrels if you want to get them for your new mag.

Mag freak back, or you can get my whole set (back, front, blue, green, and gold insert).

Stock E-mag barrel

I have the stock right feed gray body (milled for pump kit)

And a few tanks-

*New Item*- 68/45 Flatline Tank (Flatline reg, and ACI Bulldog 5 year tank). In Hydro and works fine. I have the dovetail mount, and Datapimp drop with AO logo for it.

114/3 pmi reg, old max-flow bottle (reg was bought new in 03, the bottle was tested earlier this year before i put the reg on)

48/3 steel crossfire tank hydro tested earlier this year

Cash- make an offer, we can work out something


Any thing rare or interesting...

any questions, i'm here, or AIM (mcdkid) to answer. I only ask That you don't pm me (fills up to quickly, plus i am on AIM alot). if you have something else other than aim, post it, and i will contact you there.

Ebay- under SamDog01
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