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m3/Dragun Patriot Stars & Stripes LCD (Red)
vert feed
low-pressure chamber
custom drop (star)
double aluminum trigger (mouseclick)
M92 lcd electronic frame (4 settings, game timer, etc.)
thumb velocity adjust
ACI graffiti series 12.5” 2-piece barrel (flag)

Taking cash or trade offers. If trading I would be looking to trade up for a cocker and add cash. If you would like to discuss a deal im me at cochraneap.

*upon request, high res versions of these pics, as well as additional pics, can be e-mailed

I bought this gun brand new and have only used it for 5-6 short games. It has had no more than 2500-3000 balls put through it. It is in absolutely perfect condition. No scratches or anything – it was always kept wrapped in a towel in my bag, cleaned and oiled after every game. MSRP $300-$350 and comes with an ACI graffiti series 2-piece barrel which retails for around $80 by itself. Gun is extremely fast, up to 20bps. Shortest trigger pull of any gun you'll find, very easy to walk. Backlit lcd screen with four settings - Semi, Multi, Nitro, and Auto - also has a counter, game timer, battery meter, etc. It is a great gun for anything you need, from woodsball to speedball. It’s very easy to take apart and work on, it also has Spyder threads and uses Spyder parts, barrels, etc. so you never have problems finding parts. Still in its original box with everything it came with – barrel plug, wrench, instructions/manual. It has really sweet “stars and stripes” milling on both sides.

I also have the following things available if you would like a package deal:
black Smart Parts teardrop barrel
catalina 20oz tank
6 piece spyder spring kit
green empire barrel condom
vl200 hopper

rating of 9.3/10 from Read reviews here:
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