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hey guys, you won't believe what happened last night. I'm falling asleep, reading my stupid summer reading book and then I go into my sleep. Kinda boring right? Well I'm just getting started...

Anyway I'm all in my dream and I'm in this house. Mansion-like house though. So I'm looking around and I see Baurblades walk out of the bathroom. (Note- Think of baurblades avatar when you think about Baurblades in this one. Since that's the only pic I've seen)

So then I'm like, "Hey!"
"Shut up noob." is the reply from Baur.
"Yo that wasn't cool."
Out of nowhere Barber runs into the room screaming.
"HOLY CRAP! Yo, Christian is getting busted outside."
So us three look outside the door and we see Christian being thrown up against a door of a police car.
"I'm telling you, I ain't do it." He said.
"Sir, please shut up, you know what you were doing."
"you were doing 55 on a 54."
"What's that mean?"
"I'm sure the jury would gladly tell you what that means."

Then Christian is thrown in the backseat of the cruiser and is driven away. Then just as I do that I'm leaning out the door and then Barber kicks me out of the house. He closes the door and leaves me out on the ground.
"Yeah..." I mumble to myself, "He knows I could beat the crap out of him."

Then just as I start getting up I look around and see three guys wearing Dye jerseys coming up. First it's Lord Headley, Tippmanfronter and then Ryan_Page.

I look at them for a second and I'm like.
"Yo guys, what are you doing here?"
"The question," Headley replied to me, "Is that your doing here."
"This is my house." i said absent mindly.
"This isn't your house. This is Baur's house."
"Then why did I pop up in here."
"What do you mean you 'popped up' in there?"
"Uh nothing." I said, now realizing that I was getting kinda strange to them.

Then we went in and Baur and Barber were... OH MY GOD!! KISSING!! (Little six year old kids run away screaming) then they stop and Barber is like.
"Sup guys?"
"nothing man." Headley says.
"This house is tainted." ryan said.
then in walks like twenty other forum people I wasn't sure who they were. Then everybody starts dancing and me, and Ryan who obviously cannot dance if our sad lives depended on it are sitting by the food table. Then after I'm done eating food I walk over to the boom box and I put on a rap by Ludacris. Like everybody who is a rocker up in there jumps me and starts beating the shiznit out of me.
"What'd I do?" I ask.
"Rap is for ghey people. ttyl." One person says.
"Why in the world are you talking in internet talk?"
"Say that again dude?" Somebody asks.
"Brb." Somebody else says.

So about now I'm freaked out. Then just as that happens Baur turns the sound up as high as it goes and I'm backing up and sitting on a couch thinking to myself, "These are some crazy ass people."

Then just as that happens a cop runs in and I immediately recognize Duo. He's in there with about four other mods and they quickly pull out guns and start telling everybody to get on the ground. I see Zedaine walk out of the back bedroom and say to everybody.
"What's going on guys?"
Then duo comes over and kicks him in the gut with his knee and Zedaine hit's the ground. Then we're all handcuffed and taken to big trucks that hold numerous prisoners at one time.

Somebody, whom I couldn't recognize but was obviously high said.
"This is teh shiznit guys, I can't wait to see what happens next."
Then Christian, whom popped out of nowhere like a fairy of some sort kicked him in the face.

Then I woke up.

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There was more, so if anybody wants to hear the rest of the dream. Please ask. I only stopped cuz I heard somebody outside. (I found out it was the mailman leaving a package)

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You think so? There was more, but I wanted to see what people thought. So you think it's pathetic? Ok.
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