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Sup fella's

I was sorry to hear that i had to sell my paintball equipment in preperation of other plans. So this really sucks, i want it to have a good home. I won 2 minnesota tournaments with it and played against a SWAT team. Im asking in the ball park of 150. List your price and ill let you know if im interested. Anywhere here is what i was packing...

-Viewloader dual pod paintball carrier with belt
-Dual end Squeegee (one of the best squeegee's i ever had)
-Tippmann Hopper
-Extra Viewloader 200 Round Hopper
-Tippmann Elbow
-Tippmann 98 Custom (currently has woodland cammo on it) You can paint it for where ever you would like it.
-J&J Ceramic Barrel 14inch (polished)
-Tippmann 98 barrel woodland taping over it
-20oz CO2 Tank 8 Replacment CO2 o-rings (this should last you awhile)
-Double trigger
-Rocket cock
-I have installed a performance valve

My email/msn is [email protected]

Aim is revelationsd5


Oh heres a picture...
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