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I'm looking for a scope.. I'm going to be getting a TAC-One soon.. My mom's going to pay for half of it if I do good in school. (Getting all A's first term. Forget socializing, that comes after paintball).

Anyways, the Tacone is a mag that has a body with Picatinny rails on 3 sides of it. The bottom rail that all mags utilize (the body fits onto it, and the trigger fits under it) has a weaver rail underneath, and I might get a flashlight if I really get into scenario (not probable, I dont go to many).

So I'm looking for a short in length scope that has at least 4x, and has a wide viewing area. I won't be able to get my eyes right up on it becuase of the mask.

No, I don't want to be a super sniper with my little overpriced indestructable scope. I want it so I can use it like binoculars, but hands free.
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