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hey, today we got a pimped out a5,
-32 degrees combat 6 position stock
-double composite trigger
-single stock trigger
-WAS board egrip, 3+ modes fire, including psp 20bps ramping
-32 degrees remote line
-BT sight rail
-lubed, like new, taken care of and maintained great, includes spare parts and instruction manuals
-military tactical paintball vest, holds 1500+ rnds w. camelback compartment
-20 oz co2 tank
-2 pods
-2 pod extreme rage pod pack
-ADCO red dot sight

looking for upped pimps, old shockers, or 400+$ (negotiable)
entertain me with ideas.


(vest, pod pack,bt sight rail,double trigger, red dot sight, not in pic)\

pm me or hit me up at dannyc919
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