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Pinokio Hopper Review
This is TheAznInvazn giving you one of my *P.O.S. Reviews!
*Price Over Skirmish-ability

Table of Contents:
Factory Specs
First Impressions

I was in the hunt for a new loader; three “super hoppers” had just come out and I wanted one of them, the Rotor, the Prophecy and the Pinokio.
After much soul searching and research, I decided that the Pinokio was the one for me, but there was just one last problem… All of the “super hoppers” cost $150, and I was quite poor…
I saw Pinokio’s video on YouTube saying that they were looking so semi-sponsor teams like mine and I jumped on the chance! Big thanks to Mr. Gavin!

Factory Specs
(Taken from the back of the box)

-Stage 1-
Weight*: 1 lb.
BPS: 30
Ball Capacity: 230

Stage 1 of the new PL230/400 is designed for speed. With its ultra light weight and a maximum of 30 BPS it’s the perfect loader for the frontman in any game situation.

-Stage 2-
Weight*: 1 lb. 8 oz.
BPS: 30
Ball Capacity: 400

Stage 2 offers a totally new concept that only PINOKIO can give you. Stage 1 loader easily transforms in under 5 seconds and with an unmatched capacity of 400 balls, this is the ultimate performance loader made today.

*Weight includes two 9 volt batteries

First Impressions
When I received my shipment of 3 Pinokio’s for my team, I immediately tore into the box and took out the first one I saw, it was now mine!
After getting over the shock aside from it being a bit… different looking, I warmed up to it and began to like how it looked. The curves and contours of the hopper don’t clash, nothing really looks out of place, but when all together, it just looks… weird…
Upon further inspection, I noticed the lid on the Pinokio. The tabs on the lid are huge! If you like lids, there will be no more missing the tabs on your lid or having your fingers slip off and not completely opening your lid in the heat of battle!

The lid is the same dimensions as the Halo, so all the Halo style speed feeds that are flooding the market right now will work fine, nothing to worry about there! I personally use one if my very own Ghetto RapidFeeds
The battery door has a tool free design, it just snaps into place. It’s so simple it isn’t even funny.
The shells are thick and robust, but the hopper itself is very light (one of the lightest hoppers on the market). There is no internal raceway, just the two shell halves together, and it does come with both nose attachments with is really nice! All the other super hoppers have larger capacity systems available, but you have to buy them separate.
The feedneck on the Pinokio is very thick, I think on par with Halo’s. It’s quite strong as well though, so you really don’t need to worry about breaking them. These shells are made to last!

The noses are quick release, just push the spring loaded tab to the side, slide off the nose, and attach a new one. You can also clean it with water from a spray bottle, amazing! Just make sure to take the nose off and keep the back pointed up!

The Pinokio… it’s very… smooth… and quite… curvaceous… uh, anyways!

With a fully loaded Stage 1 setup, it really doesn’t feel all that different from my fully loaded VLocity when just comparing weight. It’s not awkward feeling at all when on a marker.
Because of the Pinokio’s swept back design, most of the weight of the hopper is behind the feedneck, and in turn, when on a marker, it brings the center of balance back towards the shooter, making the font of the gun feel lighter. I also personally feel that it’s easier to “point” now with the balance point further back. I don’t feel that it’s overly top heavy either; don’t feel that it’s any worse than a fully loaded VLocity.
When looking down the barrel with the hopper tilted in, the Pinokio isn’t in the way either, the hopper itself as actually quite thin, which is a plus!

With a fully loaded Stage 2 things are quite different…
Carrying almost half a case of paintballs in your hopper makes for a very VERY heavy setup. It throws the center of balance way forward; it’s awkward to point because all that weight up front makes the marker unbalanced, and did I mention that it’s heavy? The cool thing about the Stage 2 is that once you start shooting, since most of us don’t shoot down hill and have to slightly arc our shots, all the paintballs in the nose begin to roll back into the body of the Pinokio! The more you shoot the more balanced it becomes, and after you empty the hopper, you can switch noses in the middle of a game if you really wanted to.
Looking down the barrel of the marker with the Stage 2 attached is really no different than the Stage 1; you can’t even see the extended nose of the Stage 2 when you’re playing.
Because of its swept back design, yes it brings the center of gravity closer to the shooter, but it also brings the hopper closer to your face. If you have a really close setup this may bother you. I play with a DXS 48/45 and it doesn’t bother me though.

Now here comes the fun part!
You tap the button once and it’s on, tap it again and it’s off! The light also stays on when the hopper is on! It always pisses me off when I drain batteries because I didn’t turn off my hopper because I thought it was already off when it wasn’t… As for on gun performance…

HOLY COW THE PINOKIO IS CONSISTENT! With my VLocity with Dynasty chip and Ninja Star Paddle, I would still get skips and pauses in my streams of paint when I would try and hold down a lane or force someone to make a move. With the Pinokio, it was just paintball after paintball after paintball! No skips, no pauses, not a single hiccup! That was truly amazing.
The way the Pinokio is designed also makes it nearly impossible for it to jam. The only things there are a hold for the paintballs to go down and a little prop to get the paintballs down there, there’s no place for paintballs to get caught up on, so if the prop spins and the ball stack isn’t moving, it’ll just spin the paintballs in the catch cup around! Because of this, it’s very gentle on paint as well.
There is also zero popcorning! I don’t know how they did it, but the thing just won’t popcorn.
With this kind of consistency, and with so much capacity, it was crazy how well I could pin down players and just outlast the people trying to shoot at me! I just play with the Stage 1 since I play front and all I have to say is wow.
YouTube - Pinokio Hopper Popcorn/Jam/Drop Test

The only thing I has problems with was the small nose, it was pretty hard to get on and off, so I had to sand down that one side a bit so it fit better. For $150 I think that there shouldn’t need to be any kind of modding on my part to get the thing to work the way it should.

In ideal conditions, the Pinokio is said to get 37 cases of paint before having to replace the batteries. I’m on my second case and still running strong, so I can’t really attest to the battery life.

Like I said, it has a rugged plastic shell that come apart in two halves. No separate raceway, no separate catch cup, just the two halves of super robust plastic material.
Comes with both the 230 round nose and the 400 round nose, where as other companies make you pay for the extended capacity parts.

The only things in the Pinokio are the board, some wires, the battery connector, the motor, a paddle and the bend sensor, that’s it! No eye’s to get blocked, no random loud sounds to make your hopper think it should feed, just a super simple, trouble free bend sensor. It works clean or dirty, day or night, whatever, its fool proof and it shows.

Aftermarket Upgrades
The only real after market upgrade you can get for the Pinokio is the P Board, which boosts your BPS (and your consistency in the process) by like 10 or 20, not quite sure since the stock Pinokio board was shown to peak at 47 BPS in Mike’s SL8R on TechPB, so the P Board must be godly.
The P Board also drains you batteries faster, so there is a trade off.

One Button Operation
Light stays on when the hopper is on!
High Capacity
Comes with the High Capacity Nose attachment (other hoppers don’t come with them)
Rearward Center of Gravity
Strong Shells
Tool Free Battery Cover
Few Parts
Gentle on Paint
Popcorn and Jam Free Design
Doesn’t block Vision
Bend Sensor
Simple Design

Nose had to be sanded
Full Stage 2 is Awkward and Heavy
Can get close to face

All my complaints are wither fixable or situational. I absolutely believe that the pros destroy the cons. The Pinokio is fantastic, and worth every penny!
I, TheAznInvazn, hereby declare, with the power invested in me, that the Pinokio Hopper is a fantastic POS* loader! Get the Pinokio and know that you’re getting the best, and remember; It Takes Balls to Rock a Pinokio!


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Really nice review again AZN. I just posted one for the VL eye force. Check it out ! ;)
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