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Piranha Pro TS G3

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Mint condition. Used only 4 times. Comes with 12 oz co2, hopper, 1 pod, and original box, plus the manual and tools. Regulator is acting funny however it runs fine at optimal operating pressure, 500-700 psi. Picture shown is with my eforce frame, not my mech frame. Eforce has already been sold separately.


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u willing to part off the drop forward?
Nope. Sorry.
i got a friend that will take just the gun its self for 150$
I can do that. Talk to me on aim, my screen name is Outside Redline.

I can do paypal.
hmmmm arnt u the same guy from the pmi forums?
if so u only want 135$ for everything lol, sorry but i have to take back my offer, he bought a ext g3 fade for 89.99, man is it
Heh, oh well.
nice try though, im specialeditionfishy on the boards if u havent guesses already
Well Ill sell it for $135 or so. I didnt state a price on pbf.
Up. Come on guys.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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