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Got into the game a little while ago, stopped, ship's are in fantastic condition
Will come with game rules, check list, card carrier, treasures, crew, islands, and dice, everything you need to get playing

The Ships:
El Acorazado - Rare

HMS Lord Algernon - Rare

Snipe - Rare

HMS Leicester - Uncommon

Royal Fortune - Common

HMS Wycliffe - Common

Longshanks - Common

El Dorado -Common

Treachery - Common

The Crews:
Castro's Loyalists - Rare
El Fantasma/(Link) Ghost Crew (2x) - Common
Brother Virgil/(Link) Countess Diana Doone - Common
Genny's Red Rampage/(Link) Genny Gallows - Common
Musketeer (2x) - Common
Oarsman (3x) - Common
Helmsman - Common
Captain (2x) - Common
Explorer - Common

Will not part out, selling the whole lot of them for $25 minus shipping an PayPal
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