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Thing's pretty sick.

Planet Eclipse 2005 Ego (dust blue/silver fade)
- Planet Eclipse D.A.R.T. Bolt (delrin)
- Advantage Paintball Virtue Board
- Fireball Mountain Wave Trigger (delrin)
- Hybrid 2006 Lady Grips (blue)
- Custom Products Pro Rail (black)
- Custom Products 2005 Dovetail On/Off Air Source Adapter (black) - 90º Swivel Macroline Fitting
- Parker Parflex Macroline (black)

These below were taken by the original owner. I put the Custom Products Rail and On/Off on it.

Videos: Sorry for the quality. Filmed from my cell phone. 160 ReBalls each vid.

Auto Response - I love the mode, I had to.

Semi Auto - On Debounce 1.

If I'm going to upgrade it some more, I pretty much know what I want. TiRammer is a must, maybe a UL, new reg possibly, C-Lever neck, etc. Right now it's sweet though.

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keep iming me whenever you want, if im around i'll give my opinion on a trade

as for the ego it looks nice, nothing I would upgrade but if your a perfectionist a UL would be a plus

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