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This item is currently on eBay, the package deals bidding is starting at 900.00

if you would like the link message me

These items were purchased with the intentions of playing a lot of paintball, though ended being barely used. All the items listed above come together as a package deal. The gun shoots amazingly and has a extremely sensitive trigger perfect for playing speedball. Also included are a halo electronic loading hopper, a nitro-duck tank, and a barrel cover . That is basically everything you need for the Karnivor to be up and running, all you will need is a 9 volt battery for in the trigger. Next is a Tiberious 8 paintball pistol along with a tactical pistol holster. Another great accessory included is a DYE Navigator ammo carrier belt which can carry up to 7 paintball speed loader containers, included is 4 DYE quick open speed loaders. Last but not least is a DYE Navigator Large Carrying Bag that when all together is a large bag with wheels for easy transport like a suitcase, or it can be separated and the top half used a back pack. There a endless amounts of pockets and places to store all of your paintball related items. It is a great bag for transporting multiple guns and all your paintball equipment. These items have never been used to their full potential and hopefully will end up in the hands of a paintballer who will actually really enjoy them!


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