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I'm going to buy a smart parts ion but I need to know at what price and what upgrades I should get. Should I just get a 160 used ion and upgrade it with a virtue board later on or try for a 220 ion with a Blackheart board? I need any other upgrades I should get in the future for further customization.

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Well my friend bought an ion for 200 new. First upgrade you should get is a QEV.
The rest is preference.
Trigger would be for comfort and if you dont like the stock one, this was my friends 1st upgrade he didnt like the feel.
Board is so u can get the epiphany firing can, and to have different modes.
Regulator would be to get the firing can, and more consistent shots.
Body would be mainly for looks and the Bolt Out Back feature. Theres a mod some one has done to the stock body to get a BOB.
Bolt would be for more air efficiency less kick and higher bps (once fine tuned).
Firing can so you have less wear i believe, and to have your marker shooting like an epiphany 8D.
Feedneck would be a nice upgrade if your hopper doesnt fit in the stock one, my friend bought a vlocity and it fit perfectly in the stock feedneck, but my halo b did not.
ASA so you can have a bleeder asa and not the crappy stock sp asa.
Trigger frame, just for looks mostly.
And Eye detents, cuz the stock ones wear out eventually and arent very good.

Heres what i would buy if i had an ion, in an apparent order. Also either my friend, or me have these, or are planning on buying them, except for the or option.
QEV: Smart parts 360 qev (epiphany rated)
Feedneck (if you need one): Powerlyte clamping feedneck or Smart parts Q lock
Trigger (unless you like stock): Critical RPM trigger or New Designz Roller Wave trigger
Body (unless you do the stock body mod): Powerlyte body or sleeper body
Bolt: Techt L7 bolt
Regulator: Dye Hyper 2
Board: Epiphany Virtue
Detents: Kila magnetic eye detents
Firing can: Epiphany firing can
ASA: Hybrid push button bleeder

Make sure u either buy all the parts in dust or polished/gloss, cuz my friends frame is dust and the reg is dust and the body is polished and it looks funny.

Cant find the link to the body mod but if u want me to try and explain how to do it just ask me.

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DOn't get a frame, and if you upgrade the board get an APE Rampage, beats out any virtue board I have seen.
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