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Playing Paintball for first time soon!

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Now i know some may remember me saying when i first joined that i'd be going to long island in april to play paintball with my cousins. Well everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong, and we never went to long island. So finally im going there july 1, and my cousins will introduce me to paintball =D. Nothing better cancel this now lol. So yea, my cousins fixing his old gun so I can use it when I come there. Im excited, i want paintball bruises.
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good job man you been studying? remember keep tite togeather don't leave your arms of the worst probablems with new players they are sloppy and get hit for leaning out to much or having an arm or leg out.

good luck
I think the biggest thing newbies do at the wrong time (It isn't wrong all together) is peaking out over the top of their bunker. When you are behind a bunker in a middle of the game, you should 90 percent of the time peak out to the side of your bunker. When you peak out of the top of your bunker, the entire opposing side can see you. If you peak out to the side of your bunker, then only a limited amount of people can see you, and you have a fighting chance.

The time that it is alright to peak out over the top of your bunker is when you know where the last 1 or 2 players are. Even then it is risky, but not too risky.

The main thing you should do, is HAVE FUN!

yeah alot of newbies peak out the top which is not good. learn how to shoot with both hands and stay tight!

and DON'T WIPE *cough* ted *cough*
PaintballRemix said:
and DON'T WIPE *cough* ted *cough*
heheh i had to get you sometime ;)
i think one of the big thing newbs do is start getting shot at and are afraid to run. If you are getting shot at and you have no idea where the guy is just run away from the fire as fast as you can and more times than not you will get outta there safe. Dont stand there and try to find him cause in the process you will probably get shot.
Don't get tunnel vision. That means don't focus on one thing, make sure you know everything that's happening around you. Yell to your teammates, find out where the other team is that way, be careful when looking out of your bunker. Have fun!!! :)
After playing lots of Delta Force 2 and Delta Force:Task Force Dagger, I lost tunnel vision. I swear, a single black pixel in those games was a terrorist hiding from me.
werd ....

good luck have fun

dont freak out when getting shot at dont get bunkered

dont be afraid of pb's ......

and dont be intimidated by other guy or their gear ....

may the force be with u ....


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Where are you going to play on Long Island?

I'd meet you, but I'm gonna be in Pennsylvania then :(
good luck and have fun playing paintball for your first time!
Delta Force 2 got rid of your tunnel vision? Wow i'm buying that game tommorow.
rory096 said:
Where are you going to play on Long Island?

I'd meet you, but I'm gonna be in Pennsylvania then :(
I'd be around Port Jeff(i think that is what its called). Im there from the first till seventh, but ill only probably be playing paintball with them one or two days, usually we goto random amusement parks, go boating, do whatever always a tight schedule lol.
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