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That's a smart parts ion. It has a decent chunk of mods on it including the body so it's not going to look like ions you find in a Google search

They are a huge pain to do maintenance on because you have to tear down literally the whole thing just to get to the bolt

Honestly, 2 routs you can go

1) sell it, use the money ($150 ish) to get something else

2) if you are lucky and it works, use it until it doesn't

The real problem with ions these days are the parts, there are a few on it like the banjo bolts that are plastic and... Well, kind of terrible, and you just can't get them any more so when they break (not if in my experience with ions) they will turn the whole marker into a paperweight

It's bad enough that when I'm shopping around and I find a lot of gear, I do a little calculation in my head figuring out what I believe I can sell each marker for, which then determines what I should buy the lot for. if there is an ion in the lot, I assign I $0 value because they are just too much of a risk

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