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Hey guys, I am relatively new to paintball (Played 3 times a week for 2 months last year) and have just stumbled upon a lump sum of cash and would love to get back into the sport!

I've been browsing the internet for a nice, quality marker I can purchase to improve my paintballing experience (Rental guns suck).

I was thinking about getting the Proto Matrix 2011 marker with a PMI 48/3000 Aluminium tank and a new odyssey Halo B hopper. It sounds good on all the sites I have read, but they are the ones trying to sell me the gear and I would love to have the opinions of experienced players.

How is this marker in terms of quality and maintenance?

As a beginner am I likely to have problems maintaining/using the PMR 11 efficiently?

Sorry for the wall of text, and thank you all in advance for reading my post!
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