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Was out playing some recball on Saturday. A few of my buddies and I went to a local field and there was a church group up there playing. Most of which were noobs. We played them 7 on 27 and won... we slaughtered them, big time! 1 guy on our team got out (me). I ran out of paint so I started going around bunkering people and taggin them out when finally I got shot.
So as I'm walking off the field towards the exit (the safest route I thought) I have my gun up, hands in the air with barrel condom on and am screaming at the top of my lungs "PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT ME, I'M OUT!!" Because I know their noobs.
When I walk around the corner of a bunker not even 10 feet from the exit (while yelling "I'm hit" still) I get shot point blank by a newb with a rental gun. So I screamed in agonoy, walked off the field and looked where it hit me (on my chest, near my arm pit) The kid's ball put a whole clear through my shirt and I was bleeding. So afterwards the ref chrono'd his gun... 341 FPS!!!
I almost turned on the kid with my gun on full auto and shot him up but he was in like 7th grade, from a church and was just scared when he saw me so he shot. so i tried to refrain and did. But still even if i wasn't out and i wasn't screamin "Hit, please don't shoot me" you still shouldn't shoot someone point blank! I'm still pissed!!!
So anyone else have any horror stories like this?
What part of the body did you shoot the kid with the paintball
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