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Hey Guys!

I found a lead on some stuff, looking to buy a new marker and get back into playing regularly. Just wondering if the package is worth it, just getting back into this all again so I can't really remember the value of stuff.

Package includes:

Etek 3 - "In immaculate condition, maybe shot a couple thousand balls out of it"
2 Gorilla 48 ci tanks (didn't have pictures of them, can't really tell much about their condition)
Dye Jersey, Empire pants and pod pack. Jersey and pants both look to be pretty new, at most a couple years old.
He also just said he'd throw in an Invert Avatar mask and a bunch of pods, and half a case of paint too. No details on the condition of any of that stuff, he just mentioned it when I asked him about the set.

Everything looks like its in pretty great shape, guy who's selling it all played a couple times and then had a kid and doesn't think he has time anymore.

Grand total for the whole pack is $400 CAN / 300 (ish) USD

Let me know what you think, thanks!

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Good deal, etek and rotor alone you could probably get 300 out of if they are in nice shape. You will probably want to get a nicer HPA tank eventually but if those are in hydro no real harm. Throw out the paint, or at least don't shoot it at anyone, target practice only
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